Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)



We have constructed a children’s BJJ program that develops skills that children can utilize both on and off the mats. Our focus is that your child receive the best that this art has to offer in a fun and safe environment. Our program supports both students who are looking for a fun after school activity and those looking to test themselves in competition. Join our team to see improvement in your child’s Physical Fitness, Focus, Self Confidence, Problem Solving Skills, Discipline, Balance and Work Ethic.

Our Adult BJJ program welcomes both men and women of all ages and fitness levels to learn the valuable sport of jiu-jitsu. All techniques learned can be easily translated into self-defense application. Whether a hobbyist or someone looking to hone their skill set and challenge themselves in competition, we have a place on the mats for you.

Our NO GI classes adapt GI techniques and combine them with a mix of Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling.

We also offer an Open Mat class. Open Mat is a time to gain extra sparring time, drill techniques and socialize. It is also encouraged to use this time/class as a “think tank” by asking the instructor questions or for help on positions/submissions you are working to perfect. *All schools/affiliations are welcome