Josh Hughes

Coach Hughes has coached for 5 years helping students and grappling practitioners achieve success on and off the mat. While coaching high school he has been part of helping students achieve State Championships and obtain success to continue wrestling in college. He has been a personal trainer to athletes, fighters, combat infantryman, tactical athletes, and everyday people who want to reach their highest potential. Coach Hughes currently works as a Firefighter Paramedic serving his community while coaching when time permits. He coaches classes and private sessions for those who want to seek championships.

What is wrestling? Wrestling is the oldest Olympic Sport and has grown into many branches. There is Catch Wrestling “the violent art” where the objective is to pin or apply pain and submissions as the focus for winning, Greco-Roman like Judo where the opponents primarily attack from hips and above, Free-Style Wrestling which allows attacks from all levels upper and lower body and lastly Collegiate/Folk-style Wrestling which focuses on position, points, and control.
Wrestling has evolved into Mixed Martial Arts where it has became a prominent fighting style from such fighters as Randy Couture, Matt Hughes, Chael Sonnen, Daniel Cormier Henry Cejudo and Ben Askren, among others.